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The Brady Law Group Difference

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Firms partner with the Brady Law Group for a variety of reasons: Our exemplary track record, state of the art technology and our unique referring attorney fee protection. To learn more about our referring attorney fee protection give us a call at 866.211.2562 .

Motta v. Rosso Pizzeria Enoteca, LLC.

Result: $3 Million

Hess v City of Sacramento

Result: $2.4 Million

Baker v Regents

Result: $1.9 Million

Johnson v B.P.

Result: $1.9 Million

Cardone v. Denova Homes, Inc.

Result: $1.8 Million

Ortiz v. Scholnick

Result: $1.5 Million

Coltrin v Williams

Result: $1.4 Million

Figone v. Morgan

Result: $1 Million

Bornnard v. Greyhound Lines, Inc.

Result: $1 Million

Larsen v. Arch Insurance Group

Result: $1 Million

Muldoon v. Krtolica

Result: $900k

Weber v. CSAA Insurance

Result: $985k

Randall v. Watson-Jew III

Result: $700k

De la Torre v CSK

Result: $650k

Morgan v. Prado-Hernandez

Result: $600k

Cambra v Vallejo

Result: $490k

Cheung v CSAA

Result: $250k
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