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San Diego, CA – Fatal Vehicle Crash on Interstate 8 Freeway

San Diego, CA (December 3, 2018) On the afternoon of November 30th, a fatal vehicle crash happened on the Interstate 8 Freeway near Crestwood Road. According to the reports, a 21-year-old named Luis Alberto Virgen drove a Chevrolet Silverado truck that carried 11 people from Mexico. Virgen led Border Patrol Agents on a high-speed chase right before he drove over a spike trip that sent the truck in the air and down an embankment. The impact of the crash ejected 10 of the passengers out of the vehicle. When emergency crews arrived at the scene, they found that three of the passengers suffered fatal injuries. They transported the driver and the remainder of the passengers to a nearby hospital for treatment. The police arrested Virgen and charged him for three counts of gross vehicular manslaughter.

We send our condolences to the family members of the deceased victims as we understand how difficult it is to lose a loved one, especially in a vehicle accident. We hope the other injured victims recover quickly from their injuries.

Vehicle Accidents in California

Each year, the number of vehicle accidents increases in San Diego. Recent studies show that over 20,000 accidents occur on San Diego highways every year. Unfortunately, the numbers keep increasing because drivers are still driving negligently. One of the leading causes of vehicle accidents is speeding, which was a contributing factor in this collision. The police are still investigating to determine all liable parties. Although Virgen was charged with manslaughter, the Border Patrol Agents may also have contributed to the crash since they deployed the spike strip that caused Virgen to lose control of his vehicle.

The family members of the deceased victims could pursue wrongful death lawsuits and the remaining injured victims could file personal injury lawsuits. In both cases, they would need to prove causation by showing the connection between the liable party’s negligent behavior and the harm the behavior caused.

At Brady Law Firm, we have the capability to help our clients pursue all liable parties in order to receive maximum compensation for their personal injuries, emotional trauma, mental anguish, and more. We believe our clients suffer enough after being involved in vehicle accidents. Therefore, they shouldn’t have to suffer the financial burden of paying for damages caused by another person’s negligence. If you or someone you love was involved in a vehicle accident, call 415-459-7300.

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