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Car wreck victims can collect various types of compensation

Californians who travel the state's roadways may find themselves involved in serious car accidents that result in personal injuries or property losses. Experts say that there are multiple forms of compensatory damages potentially available to these victims and their families. An individual's eligibility for each type, however, depends on the kind of accident circumstances they experienced.

Motor vehicle fatalities rise in 2015

California drivers, passengers, pedestrians, bicycle riders and motorcyclists might be interested to learn that in 2015, there were 35,092 traffic accident fatalities around the country. This was a 7.2 percent jump from the previous year and represented the largest percentage increase in 50 years. The rate had been steadily decreasing in recent years, and experts attribute that drop to better use of seat belts, increased safety technology and less drunk driving.

Teens face driving distractions beyond texting

California drivers may be alarmed to hear that teenagers perform a variety of dangerous activities after getting behind the wheels of their vehicles. A recent study published in the Journal of Transportation Safety found that in addition to texting while driving, many teens surveyed said that they engaged in other distractions that surprised researchers, with some even reporting that they did their homework behind the wheel.

Man killed in head-on crash in California

A head-on accident involving two pickup trucks near Lompoc claimed the life of a 32-year-old Lynwood man and left a 33-year-old Lompoc resident seriously injured, according to the California Highway Patrol. The accident took place on Highway 1.

2 killed, 1 injured in illegal street race accident

On March 1, it was reported that a fatal accident in California that left two people dead was caused by an illegal street race. The 21-year-old driver who lost control of his vehicle, causing the car to go careening into a crowd, was ultimately charged with murder.

3-car wreck on California freeway leaves 1 woman dead

A report from the California Highway Patrol suggests that the male driver of a white 2008 Ford SUV failed to see that traffic had slowed down significantly on the 57 Freeway in Diamond Bar when he hit a white 2010 Toyota. He had been traveling at 65 mph south of Pathfinder Road where traffic had dropped to only about 20 mph.

Bruce Jenner uninjured in fatal California car crash

Former Olympic great Bruce Jenner was driving one of four vehicles involved in a fatal collision on the Pacific Coast Highway on Feb. 7. He was unhurt, passed a field sobriety test and voluntarily submitted a blood sample for toxicology testing.

Car accidents involving injuries

When motor vehicle accidents occur in California, there are strict rules in place about proper conduct after an accident. Drivers cannot leave the scene of a crash without trading information or notifying the authorities, and hit-and-run charges may follow for a driver who leaves the scene prematurely even when not at fault. Here are some recommendations for steps to take if involved in a car accident that results in injuries.

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