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Car wreck victims can collect various types of compensation

Californians who travel the state's roadways may find themselves involved in serious car accidents that result in personal injuries or property losses. Experts say that there are multiple forms of compensatory damages potentially available to these victims and their families. An individual's eligibility for each type, however, depends on the kind of accident circumstances they experienced.

One common economic damage category pursued by survivors includes medical expenses, such as hospital bills, ER fees and transportation costs. Victims can recover various kinds of expenses under the umbrella of medical costs, but they need to prove that they were incurred as a result of the accident. Medical damages and disability damages are distinct from each other even though medical testimonies may be used as evidence for both claim types. Some courts command people to pay damages for perceived disabilities in addition to those verified by health care practitioners.

Survivors can claim economic damages related to factors like loss of consortium, society or companionship when their loved ones perish or get injured in car accidents. Injured victims can make similar claims, and courts may consider factors like the nature and health of their relationships before and after the accident. Depending on their circumstances and the proof available to them, victims may want to make claims for special damages that include all kinds of monetary losses.

The resulting costs after a car accident can place victims and families under significant amounts of financial strain. Although seeking economic damages may be an effective way to deal with such situations, all claims require verifiable proof, so it's important to structure one's case properly. Those who speak with a motor vehicle accident attorney about their specific circumstances may find it easier to choose the best type of claim that holds up in court.

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