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Teens face driving distractions beyond texting

California drivers may be alarmed to hear that teenagers perform a variety of dangerous activities after getting behind the wheels of their vehicles. A recent study published in the Journal of Transportation Safety found that in addition to texting while driving, many teens surveyed said that they engaged in other distractions that surprised researchers, with some even reporting that they did their homework behind the wheel.

Drivers of all ages are more likely to be involved in car accidents when they engage in distractions while driving. While the teenagers surveyed in the study apparently understood the risks of texting while driving, with participants reporting doing so at lower rates than in previous studies, they did not seem to understand the dangers of other actions.

The researcher who led the study, a professor at the University of Oregon's transportation engineering department, said that teenagers surveyed admitted to a variety of other distracted driving incidents. Changing clothes was one activity the teens in the study reported performing while driving, with 27 percent of the participants admitting to changing articles of clothing or their shoes. Other activities reported in the teen distracted driving study included changing contact lenses and putting on makeup.

Drivers under 20 years old are more likely than other age groups to drive while distracted, causing many car accidents each year. People who are injured in car accidents with teen drivers may be interested in seeking compensation for their injuries, the income they lost while they were in recovery and other damages. Many people are eligible to file suit against the owners of the vehicles involved in their accidents. Personal injury attorneys are often able to help their clients develop a plan of action for seeking compensation after they are injured.

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