Thank you for thinking of the Brady Law Group!

Most of our cases are referred by other lawyers. Our office frequently works with other attorneys on large and difficult cases. Mr. Brady is known for his excellent trial skills and the Brady Law Group will fund the litigation costs and always pays the highest referral fees.

Please send us a completed EASY REFERRAL FORM and any pertinent documents (ex: Accident Report, Scene or Injury Photos, etc.) to for Mr. Brady's review. We will get back to you within 24 hours!

Once we have accepted your case, to make the transfer process as simple and easy as possible, we will send you upload link to allow you to easily and conveniently transfer your entire file. If it is easier for you to send your file to us please let us know and we can arrange for shipping. What is most important is that we receive your ENTIRE file including but not limited to:

  • Your Signed Retainer/Fee Agreement and Authorization Forms
  • Correspondence
  • Medical Records and Billing
  • Liens
  • Pleadings
  • Discovery
  • Costs

As soon as we receive your file, we will immediately arrange for a meeting with you and/or your client to discuss the case and formulate a plan of action. We will always treat you and your client with dignity and respect and our large and competent staff will provide you will unparalleled service.

About our Referral Program

The Brady Law Group consistently and willingly pays the highest referral fees in California.

Our business model is to work with other attorneys on large and difficult cases. We are known for our skill in the courtroom as well as our high degree of integrity and client satisfaction. Over the years, we have worked with hundreds of attorneys throughout California on their complex civil cases and we have paid out millions of dollars in referral fees.

If you refer a case to the Brady Law Group, you can feel confident in three things: (1) We will always pay you a fair and equitable referral fee, (2) we will take excellent care of your referred client and (3) we will use all of our considerable experience, knowledge and resources to aggressively fight for justice in your case.

We will consider associating in or accepting referrals for cases at any stage in the litigation cycle, from pre-filing investigation through the eve of trial. We can also help finance your previous expenses. The Brady Law Group pays the highest referral fees in the business, and we always pay them on time.

What we bring to the table is more than 24 years of trial experience, a reputation for success in high-profile litigation, and the resources to stand up against even the most well-funded defense teams. Unlike many plaintiff's firms, the Brady Law Group is a real threat to big corporations and insurance companies. We succeed by leveraging our extensive trial experience and subject matter knowledge to create sound litigation strategies and effective jury presentations. We can immediately bring our resources and experience to bare in almost any type of major civil lawsuit. Please click here to learn more about our various practice areas.

Over the past 24 years, we received numerous multimillion-dollar jury verdicts and settlements and we have defeated some of the largest corporations and insurance companies in America, including Ford, General Motors, Chrysler, Continental Tires, State Farm Insurance, Farmers Insurance and many more. We have also successfully litigated and tried cases against the state of California, the United States Federal Government, and the Archdioceses of Los Angeles and Sacramento.

We care deeply about all of our clients, and we go to extraordinary lengths to care for their needs. To read what some of our past clients have said about the Brady Law Group, please see the Client Testimonials section of our website.